“Have You Ever Wondered What The Secret Is
To Staying Lean & Lovely Year Round?”

Now you can discover the step by step blueprint to creating a lifestyle that you love while
you get leaner, stronger and fitter in just 12 short weeks. Just like these women did:

You know that woman – the one who has it all.

A perfect body, endless energy, healthy hair and glowing skin. She never gets sick and she’s completely comfortable and confident in her own skin. With all that confidence and energy she’s a great wife, mother, daughter and friend and she takes care of her corner of the universe.

She’s clearly found her flow – while most women are just wondering how they’re going to make it through the day.

It’s easy to look in from the outside and say that she’s lucky – but the truth is that she’s following the not so secret “secret” to a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life.

The secret is not what to do, you know what do to. You have to eat healthy, you have to exercise and you have to manage your mindset.

The real secret is learning “how” to enjoy eating healthy, exercising and managing your mindset so that you can keep doing it.


Let’s face it –

– the only reason you’re not eating healthy and exercising regularly is because a. you don’t know how to get the results you want or b. you think it sucks, or worse, you’ve tried so many restrictive diets and extreme training programs that you know it sucks.

And when you expect to hate something – there’s really no reason to start – because you know that you won’t keep it up.

The woman who has it all has found a way of living her life in a way that keeps her lean, fit, healthy and energised – but more importantly – she enjoys the daily habits that allow her to keep looking and feeling that way year round.


Like any new skill it will take some time to master, 12 weeks of coaching is enough to give most women an insane kickstart on their journey – resulting in a leaner, tighter and more toned body like the before and afters on this page –

But you are going to have to keep practicing this skill for as long as it takes to become a habit.

Women’s bodies are different from men, that’s why you can follow the exact same program as the men in your life – yet still not get the same rapid results.


If you believe that a women should eat and train exactly like a man – then what I’m about to tell you may come as a shock.

When a man goes on a calories deficit and starts training right – his body fat melts off. It’s a simple matter of controlling calories in versus calories out.

The same does not happen for many women, because regardless of why you have the excess weight in the first place, cutting calories & restrictive diets are more likely to cause metabolic problems for women because…


Your hormones control everything – and most importantly, when it comes to getting bikini ready, your hormones control when & how your body stores or breaks down fat, they regulate your blood sugar levels, they influence your appetite and they control your cravings.

As a result, many women who diet don’t just suffer constant food cravings, they also store more fat if they accidentally do give in of if they do the wrong kinds of exercises.

That’s why when a woman wants fast fat-loss results – she has to follow a strategy specifically designed with her body in mind.


And while it’s true that you may get some results following a program designed for men, fpimage002since some exercise will always be better than NO exercise at all – that will hardly get you the results you so desperately need.

If you want to get into the best shape of your life – then you need a program that will get YOU from where you are today to that dream body you’ve always longed for.

The good news is that all you need is a specific strategy that works with your body, instead of against it – so that you can look and feel the way you were meant to.


Wait, I’m getting ahead of myself. Who am I and why the heck should you listen to me?

My name is Jacque Visagie and since 2011 I’ve helped more than a thousand men and women, from all over the world get into incredible shape.

I was a skinny-fat film director with exactly zero clues about health, fitness and nutrition when I started my transformation. All I knew was that I was sick & tired of being the guy at the party who didn’t join in when everyone went swimming – because I felt terrible about the way I looked.

I made every mistake possible on the way to finally figuring out how to really lose significant amounts of fat, build lean & sculpted muscles and to keep my rippling six pack all year round.

Check out my before & after.


After I sorted myself out I started a coaching business that helped other people to do the same, and that’s when I noticed that women needed a better approach if they wanted to make big progress in just 12 weeks.

When I realised that my female clients weren’t doing as spectacularly as the men I centred my research around what it really takes for women to completely transform their bodies and keep the fat off for good.

I would do it all over again! I have so much self confidence, which shows in so many aspects in my life. Kaizen is an awesome program, you learn so much about yourself and discover that you are capable to do much more than you thought.

– Stephanie E.

Stephanie E. Lost 7,5 kilos and 10% body fat.

Everything is put together very professionally and the program is straight forward to follow. I never thought I would be able to resist temptation or exercise consistently for more than a week, but I did. Every day on the program I surprised myself, every day I discovered a deeper level of myself that I didn’t know was there.

– Karla D.

Karla D. Lost 16 kilos and 14% body fat.

This program turns you into a stronger person, mentally and physically. You start appreciating your body and what it is capable of. You WANT TO treat it in the best way possible. I know now I am stronger than I think I am and can literally take on anything.

- Nadia C.

Nadia C. Lost 9 kilos and 8% body fat.

My rapid fat-loss program is designed specifically to support important hormone function and create a healthy & balanced lifestyle while you create that lovely bikini body you’ve always dreamed off.

This advanced fat-loss program let’s you melt away stubborn fat – without starving yourself or doing excessively long cardio workouts.

So that you can shape & tone your problem areas quicker than ever before!

Finally, you too can have a small & shapely waist and lean & lovely legs that’s the envy of every women around – with my NEW advanced fat-loss system.


Why is this system so effective? Because it combines 6 years of proven research into a single 12 week program designed specifically for women.

Through proper body reconditioning you can kick-start your metabolism, balance your hormones and start melting those extra kilos.

Then take your body to the next level with simple, yet effective fat-burning workouts. In fact, if you train correctly using this formula – your metabolism could work harder for days after your workout so that you can get leaner & more toned faster than you thought possible.

YES! You can have the bikini body you’ve always wanted, if you are willing to follow this system strictly.


Nutritious Daily Meals

That you can eat every day – that fuel your workouts and fill you up so that you don’t struggle with constant cravings. With custom meal plans, proven recipes, and easy-to-make shakes that burn fat, you can forget the calorie-counting and concentrate on living your life. On this system your results is 100% in your own hands and you determine how fast or how slow you go. Some women like to take things slow and ease their way into the system by making smaller and more sustainable lifestyle changes. Others like to go all in and get results fast.

Excellent Support

You’ve got a lot on your plate. My team and I am here so you don’t have to figure it all out by yourself. You need someone in your corner. Someone whose been through what you’re going through. Someone who can help you figure out what to do next, especially when you’ve reached a plateau or start struggling with being consistent with your program. You’ll thrive on having someone in your corner cheering you on and who’s invested in your goal. And we always make sure that you work at the pace that works for you.

TES Reconditioning™

My Total Energy System Reconditioning™ Workouts ARE proven to melt away fat and add definition to your whole body. You’ll learn how to use “The Afterburn Effect” to your advantage so that you burn MORE fat while preserving your natural curves. With progressive & dynamic training sets, my workouts incorporate fast twitch & slow twitch muscle fibers, strength, explosive power & flexibility work so that you don’t just get leaner – but you’ll also get fitter, stronger and more flexible overall.


Exceptional Education

When you know the fundamentals of fat-loss, eating for energy and the basics of how your body works then you can never be blind sided by a gimmick or fad or moneymaking scheme again. I didn’t like being dependent on nutritionists or personal trainers when they weren’t getting me the results I needed, that’s why the Kaizen Transformation System Includes education to teach you the science behind getting and keeping your dream body permanently.


The 12 Week Bikini Body Coaching Program is NOT for you, if:

  • You’re unable to do any physical exercise.
  • You’re not open to exercising, cooking, grocery shopping or investing energy in getting into the habit of preparing food for yourself.
  • You’re looking for the quick fix that’s going to have you down 30+ kilos in 21 days or less.

The 12 Week Bikini Body Coaching Program IS for you, if:

  • You want to burn fat, get tighter and more toned in the next 12 weeks.
  • You want to boost your energy, immune system and mental acuity.
  • You want to melt away stress, enjoy better sleep and slow down the ageing process.
  • You are ready to stop making excuses and take charge of your body, your fitness level and your eating habits.
  • You are willing to follow a simple step-by-step blueprint to get your bikini-body.
  • You are ready to commit, follow through and create the lifestyle changes needed to get a fabulous bikini body for yourself.


The Kaizen Transformation System is a one-stop entry point for women who want to learn how to get the lean & lovely bodies of their dreams. No prior skills or experience required. Just take a look at what you get when you join the Kaizen Transformation Bikini Body Coaching System.

12 Weeks Of Professionally Planned Fat-blasting Workouts

You’ll burn fat, tone & shape sexy muscle, and boost your mood & energy levels. (You don’t have to worry about a thing, I’ll tell you exactly what exercises to do, what order to do them in, how fast to do them, how much rest to take, and how many reps and rounds you need to do. Every little detail is covered to make sure you get a great workout every time!)

An Easy To Follow Fat-burning Nutrition Plan

(Learn exactly what you need to be eating for maximum fat-loss.) Changing eating habits can be difficult to say the least, but these simple guidelines “click” right away. You’ll be amazed at how much nutritious food you can eat while still burning fat off your body and boosting your energy.

6 One On One Coaching Sessions (via phone or skype) with Jacque Visagie

(We’ll discuss your progress, your bi-weekly goals, how your strategy is working for you and how to move you forward so that you can get into the best shape of your life.)

Access To The Kaizen Kitchen

(Learn how to make delicious energy-boosting and maximum fat-loss meals that nourishes you and perks you up so that every day is a healthy & happy day.)

Access To The Kaizen Transformation Members Only Portal

(Join a whole community of women who are changing their lifestyles right along with you.)


If you really want to lose fat and keep it off forever then you need to start putting your body to work FOR YOU instead of AGAINST YOU. Here’s Just A Taste:


Macronutrients: Just The Facts. Everything you need to know about how protein, carbs & fat fuels your body.


The 10 quirky diet myths you believe right now – that are keeping you fat.


The 6 useful tips our transformers use to beat cravings.


The Weekend Survival Guide. Don’t let the weekend ruin all your hard work from the week. Learn the DO’s and DON’Ts of a night out on the town, so you can go out and have fun without sabotaging your results!


How skipping meals is making it impossible to lose those last 10 kilos and why you need to eat more for a better body and a happier life.


…and much, much more!


For 12 weeks, you need to do just 3 things:

1. Follow Your Kaizen Transformation Workout Calendar:

You’ll do a different workout every day – 3 to 5 days a week. Every workout is designed to take you one visible step closer to the bikini body transformation you’ll see by Day 82 using my Lean & Lovely Reconditioning System.

2. Follow Your Custom Eating Plan.

No stress. No guesswork. I’ve done the research for you, so all you have to do…is make & eat your delicious meals. And this is no starvation diet. You have to nourish your body right if you want to get in the best shape of your life


3. Do Your Weekly Coaching Assignments.

Keep yourself mentally charged and focused on your transformation with these weekly powerful mental hacks. I’ll show you exactly how to cultivate the positive attitude you need to get and stay in exceptional shape.


  • A smaller waist.
  • Super self-confidence.
  • Sexy curves.
  • Better energy.
  • A fitter & leaner body.
  • And a firmer, perkier booty!!!


We’re very confident in what we do at Kaizen Wellness, so we ALWAYS put our money where our mouth is.

If you stick with it for 3 months, and do what your coach tells you to (workout, nutrition habits, assignments, etc) we guarantee you will be leaner, fitter & stronger than you were when you started.

And if you’re not, we’ll refund every cent you spent, and you’ll be on your way, no questions asked.

It’s that simple.


If you’re ready to get the bikini body you’ve always craved, to drop a few kilos, to get smaller & tighter & fitter… and put years of research and results based practices to work for you… here is where you start.

Simply complete the form below and I’ll send you more information.

I can’t wait to see how The Kaizen Transformation System completely transforms your body and brings out the very best in you.

Stay Awesome

– Jacque Visagie

Q: Are these results typical?

A: They are typical for people who follow the system strictly. Results may vary depending on program adherence and effort.

Q: I work 17 hours a day – will the Kaizen Transformation System work for me?

A: We’ve had transformers who work 17 hours a day that still managed to lose 12 kg of fat during their 12 week transformation. We’ll show you how to work around or within your limitations to reach your goal.

Q: I don’t know how to exercise – will the Kaizen Transformation System work for me?

A: Yes! We’ll show you exactly what to do, how to do it and when to do it to get the maximum fat burning results.

Q: Are the bi-weekly calls set at a specific time every other week?

A: No. Your coach will schedule a time that is convenient for you both.

Q: Why a coaching program and not just a diet and training plan?

A: A professional coach let’s you set realistic goals, offers a fresh perspectives on challenges, holds you accountable for your targets and motivates you to feel greater pride & satisfaction in your results.

You always have a wealth of experience and wisdom from someone who went through exactly what you’re going through, that you can draw on.

Q: Am I dealing with Jacque personally on the bi-weekly or one of your support team?

A: You’re dealing with me personally.

Q: What makes the Kaizen Transformation System different from other weight loss programs?

A: Kaizen Transformation is not a weight loss program, it’s a fat loss program. Kaizen Transformation is a unique strategy designed for YOU. You’re supported by a dedicated coach aimed at educating you in proper nutrition and training so that you can get in the best shape of your life and stay there forever. When your 12 weeks are over, you’ll know exactly how to design your own custom nutrition and training plan so you never have to worry about falling for another weight-loss scam ever again.

Q: How quickly can I lose weight on your program?

A: This is not a weight-loss program, it’s a fat-loss program. You can expect to lose about 0.3 to 1 kilogram of pure fat per week, depending on the amount of excess fat you have and provided that you follow the program exactly. The more excess fat you have the more fat you’ll lose.

Q: Am I going to have to eat healthy meals, limit my processed food intake and exercise?

A: Yes. Our coaching program is aimed at helping you to transition to a healthier lifestyle with moderate exercise and proper nutrition so that you can reach your aesthetic & cosmetic body composition goals.

Q: Am I going to have to buy a lot of expensive health food?

A: No. Every nutrition plan is based on whole foods like fruits, vegetables, lean meats, healthy carbs and fats. Your individual needs are assessed and your transformation strategy is designed based on that assessment.

Q: What is remote coaching?

A: Remote coaching is done via phone, skype, email and instant text message – so no matter where you are in the world if you have access to the internet and a valid email account we can help you to transform your body into your best one ever.

Q: I’ve never set foot inside a gym – will the Kaizen Transformation System work for me?

A: Yes! We’ll show you exactly what to do, how to do it and when to do it to get the maximum fat burning results – even if you’ve never exercised a day in your life.

Q: I DON'T want to train at a gym - can you still help me?

A: Definitely, we’ve had great success with our body-weight training programs OR we can recommend a few key pieces of equipment that will help you to achieve your unique goal.

Q: Where are you based? How will you train me?

A: We are based in Pretoria, South Africa. The entire Kaizen Transformation System is available online via our exclusive membership portal, email, text message and video tutorials. Kaizen Transformation is a remote coaching program not a personal training program. We want to show you how you can be your own personal trainer.

Q: Will the program work for men?

A: Yes. Both men and women get excellent results with the Kaizen Transformation System. Contact us and request a brochure for our men’s coaching program.

Q: Am I too old for this program?

A: Maybe. While you’re never to old to improve your health and fitness this is an advance fat-loss program that might not be suited for all ages. Contact us today and we’ll be able to make a recommendation. And remember to get clearance from your doctor prior to starting any new nutrition or exercise program.

Q: I’m lactose intolerant. I’m vegan or vegetarian. Can I still follow the program?

A: Yes. We offer dairy free, vegetarian and vegan meal planning services. Your individual nutritional needs will be taken into account during your assessment.

Q: Do I have to take any supplements?

A: No you don’t. Real nutritious food is always preferable to supplements during your transformation and any supplements we suggest will be for your convenience only. Food replacement supplements like a meal replacement shake can come in handy for people who travel or who have trouble eating multiple meals per day.

Q: I live outside of South Africa. Will the Kaizen Transformation System work in my country?

A: Yes! We have transformers all over the world from Munich to Texas to India. The Kaizen Transformation System works wherever you are.

Q: I have several injuries that make it impossible for me to do any type of exercise – will the Kaizen Transformation System work for me?

A: No. We don’t recommend the Kaizen Transformation System for people who are unfit to exercise. Contact us about our Nutrition Coaching options.

Q: What if I get stuck during my workout? Do you have anything that will help me?

A: We’ve got an entire video vault that you can watch so that you never get stuck during your workouts.