Leading The Kaizen Transformation Team

Husband and wife duo Jacque & Karla Visagie are behind some of the world’s best natural body transformations. This strong, fit and happy couple have made it their mission in life to educate, motivate and encourage people to make living well a way of life.

The Kaizen Principle

Kaizen is a Japanese word that literally translates to “change for the better.” That’s why we teach you how to create simple daily habits, so that you can make continuous improvement towards your goals.

We preach progression, not perfection. Because we believe that physical wellbeing, fitness and good nutrition is for EVERYONE!

It doesn’t matter who you are or how far you still have to go. Everyone can start where they are, with what they have and do a little better today than they did yesterday.

Those little improvements have a habit of adding up over time and leading to incredible results.

The notion that extreme levels of discipline and sacrifice are the only way that you can improve your body and your life is nonsense. In fact, that approach is what will cause most people to fail to achieve their goals or fail to maintain the goal once they achieved it.

Because it is the day to day pursuit of a worthwhile goal that brings fulfillment and we’d like to show you that the journey that leads towards your goal is ultimately the reward.

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